This week was pretty exciting! I modeled for my friend’s photography class and it was all around a nice week – perfect weather after a heatwave. My garden is pretty much burned to a crisp and the mosquitos are raging, making it very difficult to get outside to play with my kids. The theme this week is ‘low light’. I was struggling with what to do and waited until the last possible minute. I took my son outside in hopes to capture a good silhouette, failing miserably. It was too dark by the time we went out. I got the idea to have my husband bring my car out and turn the lights on, with my son standing in front of it, thus being backlight and silhouetted. It worked, however I just wasn’t with the results. As my husband was backing my car in, I noticed the patterns of lights on the ground from my brake and reverse lights. I had him sit there with the lights on, and he turned the blinker on to add orange light in, and I fired of a few shots. I’m pretty excited with how they turned out!

Low Light


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