DoorwayI have no idea how the week got away from me! I am busy getting together a personal project of mine to spread awareness of marriage equality, and had a meeting last week. I was so excited and nervous, I must have let this post slip my mind! Last week’s theme was doorways. There are so many awesome doorways in the city. Lots of colorful doors and an assortment of knockers. My favorite set of doors is actually a private home with a double door entrance that has these huge, amazing Green Man knockers. I absolutely love the Green Man – he reminds me of my father. I felt it was a little inappropriate, however, to go around and shoot people’s personal entryways. Instead, I shot a set of the doors of Lancaster Central Market.  Of course you know we go every week and enjoy getting our fresh, local milk there (in glass jugs!), delicious muffins, tea, coffee, veggies… It’s really a great place and the people there are so amazing and diverse. It is also the oldest, continuously-run market in the United States. It’s pretty rad to have that history a few blocks from my home. The building is so big and beautiful, made with brick. There are large lanterns by each door that add character. Cobblestone streets surround Market on all sides making it that much more charming. Here are Market Doors – where thousands of people have passed to help sustain the local economy for over 120 years.


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