The theme this week is landscapes – my favorite. Which is why I’m so disappointed with my shot. I guess you could say I’m a landscape snob. What I mean is that I don’t find the landscapes in my area particularly worth shooting. I prefer mountains, rocky coastlines and oceans in my landscape shots. Not to say PA isn’t beautiful, it’s just not my kind of beautiful. I was really hoping there would be a landscape theme after my trip to Maine. We are going late-October and I can’t wait to see all the Fall foliage and feel the crisp air. I plan to shoot every day and hike, bake and drink hot chocolate in between. We will be there for Trick-or-Treat, which my kids are really looking forward to. It will almost be like we live there. Almost. Until we have to pack up and head back to PA, which always results in heartache and tears. There is just something about Maine that makes me feel like I am home. Every time we leave I feel like I leave a little part of me behind and I’m reunited with that part each time we visit. I’m not quite myself, unless I’m hiking in the mountains of Maine. Alas, I live in PA and this is the landscape I have at my disposal.

My husband started running a few weeks ago and is really enjoying it. So much so, he signed up and completed his first race this past Friday evening. A 7K along the river in Harrisburg. The kids and I waited for him at the finish, which is where I took this shot; overlooking the Susquehanna River at Sunset.



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