WindThe theme given to us this week was wind. What first came to mind are the turbines Turkey Hill put up a couple years ago in Washington Boro. Photographing those enormous turbines couldn’t be that difficult… I drove around and around looking for a location that I could clearly see the turbines, that didn’t have power lines straight through the shot. A bit more difficult than I imagined. There is a hiking trail that goes right up to the turbines, I just didn’t get around to hiking there this week. Perhaps I can do that in the near future and post those images. What I ended up with is satisfactory. I wish I could have been closer to them, but we work with what we have, right? You always see turbines on hills in the middle of nowhere – at least while driving through New York, where I have seen them. There are usually rows of them. To anyone not familiar with Turkey Hill, it is a local dairy – huge, commercial dairy. They also make drinks like lemonade and a variety of teas. A couple years ago, they put these turbines up on the hill by their plant. It’s kind of amusing since it’s right beside a landfill. The irony does not escape me. At any rate, it’s neat to see these two beasts sticking up out of the Earth for miles around. It would be awesome it more companies hopped on the green bandwagon and did things like this. Baby steps.


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