Sunsets. What a beautiful topic! I’m really excited to see all the beautiful work the photographers put out this week. Some live in such beautiful landscapes, the sunset just puts the beauty over the edge. Have you ever cried because the beauty of something has moved you so intensely? Call me a sap, but I cry easily. I love looking at landscape photos and seeing myself there. Imagining the smells and sounds. How the air would feel. It’s an imagine that I can easily do that that moves me the most. It takes a special talent to capture that with a camera. To give your photograph feelings. That is my wish as a photographer – to have the viewer get lost in my photographs. To be able to put themselves right there in the image. If it’s a place they’ve never been, or wish they could return to, for them be able to feel like it’s home to them.




This week I had an equality photo shoot, as well as shooting family portraits for my aunt and uncle. They live just a few miles from my mom’s house and my children stayed with her while I did the portraits. On the ride up the hill to her house, I could see there was a beautiful sunset working its way down behind the trees and fields. I drove to the far entrance of her road (it’s horseshoe shaped) to see what it looked like from that angle. It was beautiful. I parked my car along side the road, cornfields on either side and just took it in. There is something so peaceful about watching the sunset in the country. There wasn’t a single sound around me, just quiet peace. I took a few shots and then went on my way, leaving the sun to fall beneath the horizon behind me.


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