DogsDogs! I love dogs and was excited to have it as a theme this week. My puppy, Desmond, a 10 month old Australian Cattle Dog, just went under the knife for the greater good of stopping unplanned doggy pregnancies. So, this theme could have come at a better time. He was unable to take a bath and was ratty and stinky from his stint behind the clinic bars. Combine that with his ramminess of being pent up the last 8 days so he didn’t tear his stitches out – he was a ball of energy and my photos were mostly blue-grey streaks of a dog running by. I barely got the boy to sit long enough to capture this photo. You can see how excited he was – grass on tongue and all. We leave for Maine in 47 days (who’s counting) and I can’t wait to hit the awesome trails and get this boy on the mountain. Here’s to dogs! What’s your dog’s name and breed?


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