LPTG13WK37 (&38&39&40)

Soooooo, things got a little backlogged. Things have been a little hectic for me and a few LPTG projects were taken via my iPhone. It’s difficult for me to transfer them over and get them blogged, so I got lazy. Here I am to get caught up and back on track. I have started working outside the home again and having fun taking my kids to work every day. We are finally enjoying cooler weather and getting very excited as our vacation nears (18 more days, but who’s counting?). I plan to shoot a few thousand photos while we are there, so look forward to a post on Maine! I really hope I can get enough that I absolutely love and have some giant canvas printed for my walls and maybe even publish a book on MDI. It’s my favorite place in the world (thus far) and I’m really excited to share that with you.

Let’s get down to it, shall we? For week 37, our theme was shapes. I was outside playing with the kids and cleaning up the yard when the sun started setting. The light was coming through the trees in such a beautiful way, the leave just popped out to me. I took this shot and absolutely love it. This is through the leaves of our Japanese Maple. It’s one of two we have in our backyard and I really love it. We do live in the city, however we are fortunate enough to have many trees throughout our city, including a gigantic Oak in my neighbors yard that comes over into our yard. It is my favorite tree, although I could do without the acorns.


For week 38 we shot red. This was my first week back to work (after a week of training and testing) and I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. My mom, who I work with, told me about a field with pumpkins free for the picking. You don’t have to tell me twice. After work on Friday, I drove down with the kids and we went pumpkin picking. We loaded up my red car with 28 pumpkins! It was so wonderful! The kids had such a great time running from patch to patch choosing their pumpkins. They were so incredibly excited and it kind of chokes me up. To see simple and absolute joy on the faces of your children is just priceless. Autumn is my favorite time of year – the cooler temps, changing leaves, the aroma in the air, baking pumpkin everything, Salted Caramel Mochas, Halloween… Really, it doesn’t get much better.


Which takes us to week 39, cats. Seriously… I don’t enjoy cats too much. It comes from my career as a Veterinary Technician. Cats can be pure evil and my worst injuries came from them. However, there has been this scruffy stray cat trying to get into my house for a couple months and I really want to rescue him. He just won’t get close enough. I was unable to get a photo of him for the project, however I captured my daughter coloring a cat by numbers. Her intensity and concentration are something I envy. The wee three year old has so much determination, it is incredible. She colors so wonderfully, I have no doubt she will be a fantastic artist.


And finally – week 40 – playtime. My son asks every week what my theme is and offers suggestions. This week he was very excited and immediately wanted to blow bubbles. How could I turn away such a willing participant? We went outback right around sundown and he swiftly began blowing bubbles. He’s another person whom I admire. His eagerness and enthusiasm for the littlest things excite me. We are currently hatching butterflies and I have overheard him congratulating and welcoming them to Earth. He also told them how to make tea. He is such a sweet, thoughtful boy; I hope he continues to grow into a gentle, loving man. I have no doubt he will make me proud.



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