The theme last week was smoke. I really dislike smoking. My husband, on the other hand, enjoys the very rare cigar. He is not permitted to smoke in the house and must change his shirt, wash his hands and brush teeth upon re-entry into the house. As you may have noticed, photographs of my husband are missing from all of my posts. He does not enjoy being photographed. However, when he heard what the theme was, he jumped at the chance to smoke a cigar – and be photographed. Lucky gal, eh? He picked up a cigar made with hops, which is fantastic for him because he really enjoys craft beer. He sat on our front steps and smoke half the cigar and I shot away. (This was at night and I was shooting with a flash. Our neighbor came out to see if there was lightening. Nope, just me shooting the cigar smoker!) While I do not enjoy smoking, or being around smokers, I do love smoke. It’s beautiful and so free. I may have to start shooting more smoke (I’m thinking incense) to see what I can some up with. For now, here is my darling husband – smoking.



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