BoatsI really can’t believe we are over half way through the year! We celebrated my daughter’s third birthday a couple weeks ago and are trying to beat the heat. We aren’t going on vacation until the Fall, so I’m trying to maintain my sanity a couple more months. We don’t really have much going on in the meantime, although that can be good sometimes. The theme this week is ‘boats’. This was really tough for me. I drove around to the river and did my best to capture some boats, however there was construction going on and no boats. I wanted to get some shots of my sister’s canoe on her Jeep today, but it has been raining all day. So, this is my last resort – Legos. My awesome son built me two boats – a house boat and a speed boat. The house boat is absolutely amazing, complete with coffee bar (what can I say, the kid enjoys a good cuppa joe). However, it pretty much looks like a brick when photographed. The speed boat, on the other hand, is super sleek! Naturally, a robber is driving (driving?) the boat as he gets away with gold, money and crystals. The scene wouldn’t be complete without a mermaid. I love mermaids. It’s a pretty simple image, but a lot of work went into it.



Fireworks This week in the world of LPTG, the theme is ‘fireworks’! I was actually nervous about this theme since I have never shot fireworks before. I did a little research and it seemed fairly simple. There are several places to see fireworks locally, however I wanted my kids to be able to come, so staying in the city was really ideal. We have a local baseball team whose stadium is just a few blocks from our home. They have fireworks periodically during the season after games. For the fourth, they put on a much larger show! Since it is so close, I decided on those. I was surprised to see the amount of people there. I guess I’m not the only one who had the brilliant idea to watch from the parking lot behind the stadium!

FireworksThe location could not have been more perfect! Remember the bridge  I posted a few weeks ago? There were people the whole way across it, but there was a spot large enough for me to set up my tripod and wait for the show to start. My son was complaining that his legs hurt from standing and he is also afraid of the bridge collapsing for some reason. So, it was a real treat standing there for about half an hour until they started. It was a really beautiful show and they were only about a block away. Nothing obscured our view and they night air was cool enough with a gentle breeze. Really, it was the perfect night! So, these are my shots. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. You can check out the rest on Flickr.


CandidThis is a week late, but I guess better late than never. Last week’s LPTG theme was ‘candid’. As I’ve said before, we go to the farmer’s market in my city every week. When it’s nice out – not too hot or raining cats and dogs – we walk down. My daughter, who just turned three this week, usually rides down on me in a carrier. She has been asking more and more to walk on her own. I oblige because she’s getting heavy! While we were walking down, my six-year-old reached over and took her hand. I quickly pulled out my phone and snapped this shot. Now, don’t get me wrong, these two certainly know how to fight. But, don’t all siblings? It’s the tender, loving moments like these that keep me going and make it all worth it. Knowing they truly do love and care for each other reassures me that I’m doing something right. I hope they are always close and are the best of friends throughout their lives.


CarsMy kids both play with ‘opposite gender’ toys. They each have dolls, blocks, legos, cars… The theme this week is ‘cars’. One of my daughter’s favorite things to do is play with cars on their road rug. Originally, I was just shooting the cars on the rug. However, when she saw me getting everything out, she ran over to play. I ended up with this adorable shot of her with the early morning sun shining on her.



TreesI grew up in a log cabin, surrounded by woods and bordered by a river. I spent my days as a kid running through those woods and fishing in that river. So, when the theme of ‘trees’ came up, I knew what I’d shoot. The cabin was built by hand by some of my favorite people – my uncle and my grandfather. My father died when I was very young and my uncle, my mom’s oldest, younger brother, spent a lot of time with me. He’d take me on the road with him collecting milk from local farms. He’d take me hiking. I spent countless days and nights playing in his yard. He’d fix my car when it broke. He held me in his arms and let me cry, when as a grown woman, I missed my father on Father’s Day. Tears well in my eyes just remembering all he has done for me. My grandfather, my mother’s father, was a man of few words, but I love(d) him so. He and my grandmother bought me my first car. They put a roof over my head when I was ready to move from my mom’s home, but not ready to be totally alone yet. He and I would sit and watch Magnum P.I. or Two and a Half Men together. Although he didn’t say much, he didn’t have to. He was the kind of man you just knew how he felt. He was the kind of man you wish all men would be. So, this is the house that they built. Made from trees, by hands of men.


MetalThe theme this week is ‘metal’. It was actually my husband’s suggestion to shoot a foot bridge I’ve shot a few times already. I absolutely love this bridge – it is old and decaying, but has so much character. It is a metal structure with wooden elements and stretches over railroad tracks. There are so many shapes, patterns, and lines it’s hard not to stand and stare at it. It is pretty high (trains need to pass under) and while we were walking across, my six year old son was getting very nervous. He was saying it’s so old and was afraid the wood under our feet was going to give way and we would fall to the tracks below. I kept assuring him we were as safe as could be, but I can understand his concern; the bridge doesn’t look very well maintained! The elements certainly have not been forgiving. All that aside, it is one of my favorite parts of the city. It always seems very peaceful when I visit the bridge and I have even seen a few hawks flying around and perching there.



Portraits aren’t my strongest subject. It’s not that I have an issue with doing them technically, it’s the posing and making them look natural. Candid, photojournalism – no problem. So, here we are with portraits as the theme. My family doesn’t enjoy having their photos taken anymore, as do most people. Therein lies the issue when having to find a subject – a willing person! Lucky for me, I have photographer friends who are sympathetic to my plight. This week my wonderful friend Sarah stepped up to the metaphoric plate and went out shooting with me. We went to a space I’ve seen a few local photographers going to lately, which I had no clue existed within a local park. It’s a beautiful area with a couple wooded areas on either side of a long clearing, so it’s kinda like a green tunnel made by trees. On the one side, beyond the woods, is a field with tall grasses. We were there later in the day and had wonderful, golden light. I have a few favorites from the shoot, but I think this one wins out overall.



HumorIf you ask my friends about me, they’d probably say I’m funny. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, so the theme of ‘humor’ shouldn’t have been that challenging. I wasn’t sure how to capture it, however. I got to thinking and came up with this idea after my husband told me I should start photographing Legos. Our son is a Lego fanatic, to put it mildly . He has this little woman Lego that has a camera and he calls her “Lego Mama”. My garden is doing well and the lettuce is coming up nicely, and I thought it kind of resembled a forest. I considered what Lego Mama would be shooting in said lettuce forest – Grizzly, naturally. OK, so this might not be hilarious, but it is pretty funny and definitely cute, IMO.


Sports 2Sports! The theme this week. Can’t say I really get into sports so much. So, I thought this week was going to be a challenge. My initial thought was to shoot a friend who does some rock climbing, but that fell through. I wanted to something a little different – not baseball or any of that sort of thing. I recalled a friend of mine skated. He also happens to be a pro photog and shoot skating as part of his career. I asked if I could shoot him skating and he informed me it wouldn’t be all that exciting because he’s too old. However! He made a few calls and set me up with some local guys who are sponsored by a skate shop.

Sports 1I met them at the skate park and fired off a couple hundred shots. Dude. I was so nervous about getting my face bashed in at first. Once I stopped being a sissy, I had a lot of fun! These guys are awesome! I am not up-to-date on skating and had no clue on how to direct them. I just pretty much sat at the bottom of the ramp and fired. I’m pretty excited with what I got and I might be hooked on skate photography now…


The theme this week is street photography. I had all these plans to get out and take awesome city shots, but that didn’t work out. It has been one of those weeks. I got out to shoot one time, but my daughter ended up getting hurt 15 minutes in and we went home. I threw in the towel at that point. I’m using an image from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago in Steelton. It is a small, steel town about 45 minutes away from my house. A lot of it is very run down and it is definitely rough around the edges. This photo is at a garage  on the ‘streets’ of Steelton that doesn’t appear to be operational, however I think it is. I think it really shows the overall feel of the town.

Street Photography